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Application Deadlines & Fees

Fall Applications:
Before May 31, $50
June 1 – July 31, $100
August 1 – Registration, $200

Winter Applications:
Before December 15th, $50
December 15th – December 31st, $200

Spring / Summer Applications:
Before March 15th, $50
March 16 – April 30, $200

Distance Learning Applications

Distance Learning courses begin at three intervals during the year – Sept 15th, January 15th & May 15th. Application deadlines are Aug. 31st, Dec. 31st, and April 30th. There is a late application fee of $150.

Residence Application Deadline

Residence is based on a first-come, first-served basis with preference given to full-time students (12 or more credit hours per semester) so please apply early. After July 1st , consideration will be given to applications from part-time students.

Deadline for Withdrawal from Residence

August 1st is the deadline to withdraw from Residence without penalty. After August 1st the residence deposit becomes non-refundable.

Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline for the majority of our scholarships and bursaries is July 31st, please read the scholarship or bursary application for further details. Late applicants will not be considered so please apply early.