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In light of the serious and sustained challenges confronting Christians and churches, there is a great need for pastors and church leaders who can teach and lead theologically. Preparing individuals to lead with biblical insight and skill calls for a partnership between churches and seminaries.

Churches excel in providing pastoral students with leadership opportunities, relational skills and ministry experience. Churches (especially pastors and elders) are in the prime position to recognize those in their midst with pastoral gifting and a ministry calling.

Seminaries excel in providing pastoral students with biblical language skills, hermeneutical competency, theological depth and breadth, historical perspective and homiletical skills.


To forge and sustain a meaningful partnership in training servant leaders for ministry, we choose to embrace the following commitments:

Commitment of Heritage in the Partnership

  • Providing theological training that combines academic excellence with ministry usefulness in a format that is highly accessible for students (including modular and multi-modal courses).
  • $3,000 Partner Church Scholarship (College) – Up to $3,000 for college students at your church that were not previously considering Bible College CLICK HERE
  • 25% Seminary Bursary – Heritage offers a 25% discount on seminary courses to ministry staff, wives of pastors and interns from partner churches.
  • Matching College Scholarship up to $1400 – For students entering full-time in a degree program (i.e. have met university entrance requirements) and who are recommended by their home church. If the student’s home church sponsors for an amount up to $700, Heritage will match the amount.
  • Giving experienced counsel to churches about establishing and overseeing an effective internship program. Heritage has a proven, template for a two-year internship that has proven to be both fruitful and cost-effective.
  • Offering on-going ministry resources for pastoral and ministry staff of partner churches.
  • Two for one tickets to our Heritage Preaching Lectures (October) and Ministry Leadership Days (March).
  • Ongoing access to Heritage Library resources and free use of our residence facilities for pastoral study retreats during summer months.
  • Making available our faculty to preach or teach at partner churches. (Heritage is willing to cover the expenses of guest faculty speakers if this is helpful to the church.)
  • Scheduling an annual opportunity for Partner Churches to offer input that will help shape the pastoral training provided by Heritage.

Commitment of the Church:

  • Praying for future church leaders to arise from your congregation and for Heritage’s effectiveness in helping to train those who attend the school.
  • Encouraging students to explore Heritage for quality biblical training and ministry equipping using Heritage promotional materials or annual visits from Heritage profs or representatives.
  • Setting a faith goal of establishing a two-year internship to intentionally train a student for pastoral ministry. Providing mentoring and financial support for your intern’s classes.
  • Contributing financially to Heritage College & Seminary through supporting students from your church, or taking an annual love offering or including Heritage in the church budget.

Become a Partner:

We encourage you and your church to prayerfully consider becoming a partner with Heritage.

If you have any questions, please contact info@heritage-theo.edu


Once you have decided to move ahead and partner with Heritage, please complete the application below and register any staff for the seminary bursary (below partner application).

Note: You may register more staff for the seminary bursary at any point in the future. There is no need to re-apply to become a partner.

Once you have submitted the information below, we will be in touch to inform you that your church has been added to our portfolio of valued partners.


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