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TWO Program Options

These certificates will focus on personal and spiritual formation within a team environment. Students train and prepare to serve and to learn in a cross-cultural context. Students joining one of these unique one year missions-focused programs will experience God, missions, and change while serving together.

Bible Intensive
Missions, with an emphasis on Bible knowledge.

For students looking for a missions focused travel component, while benefiting from a greater focus on academic learning. All courses transfer in as the first year of a degree at Heritage.

  • 2 semesters in-class at Heritage.
  • 12 credit courses.
  • This is one of the traditional paths to a degree at Heritage.

Service Intensive
Missions, with an emphasis on service.
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Combines the benefits of classroom time with that of practical experiences and an emphasis on learning in the field. Each course will transfer into a degree at Heritage.

  • 1 semester in-class at Heritage.
  • 1 semester at Muskoka Bible Centre.
  • 6 credit courses.

Timeline Comparison


Bible Intensive

In-class at Heritage (6 courses)
Team building
In-class at Heritage (6 courses)
Manitoulin service
Thailand on mission

First Semester
Secondar Semester
Missions Trip


Service Intensive

Team building
In-class at Heritage (4 courses)
Manitoulin service
Practical at MBC (2 courses)
Thailand on mission

NOTE: The Service Intensive class will be split into two cohorts. One will be on campus at Heritage for first semester, while the other is up at MBC. Then they will switch (all logistics covered by Heritage) locations for second semester.

Cost Analysis

  Bible Intensive Service Intensive
Tuition $10,880 $5,610
Heritage Dorm * $4,120 $2,120
Heritage Meal Plan ** $2,120 $1,060
Canadian Missions Trip $450 $450
Transportation & Expeditions $500 $500
Student Fees (Student Council & Tech fees)    $420 $265
Cost to student before missions trip $18,490 $9,555
Minus student income from MBC $0 – $4,602
The SERVE.experience missions trip
**The cost of the mission trip will be offset by fundraising.**
$3,600 $3,600
Total cost per year $22,090 $8,453
Ontario Student Assistance Program
OSAP Approved Program? Yes No
Earn an Extra $3,000 for either program!
Students have the option to work the summer at MBC Jun-Labour Day.

  • * Dorm fees for the Bible Intensive track cover two semesters at Heritage.
  • ** Meal plan fees for the Bible Intensive track cover two semesters at Heritage.

Text books fees are extra and vary from year to year depending on costs of books.