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President’s Office

Name Title Phone Email
Dr Rick Reed President 519-651-2869 ext 210 Send Email
Deanne Antoine Executive Assistant – Presidents Office 519-651-2869 ext 212 Send Email
Dr David Barker Vice President-Academic Affairs/Seminary Dean 519-651-2869 ext 235 Send Email
Mark Gray Vice President-Institutional Advancement 519-651-2869 ext 221 Send Email
David Switzer Vice President-Operations 519-651-2869 ext 211 Send Email


Name Title Phone Email
Carolyn Burgess Receptionist 519-651-2869 ext 200 Send Email

Corporate Services and Finance

Name Title Phone Email
David Kiff Financial Manager 519-651-2869 ext 240 Send Email


Name Title Phone Email
Jeff Swan Admissions Counsellor – Seminary 519-651-2869 ext 213 Send Email


Name Title Phone Email
Theresa Beach Registrar/Distance Learning Coordinator 519-651-2869 ext 228 Send Email
Sandi Brubacher Assistant to the Registrar 519-651-2869 ext 220 Send Email
Karyn Mowbray Assistant Registrar – Seminary, Admin. Assistant – Seminary Dean 519-651-2869 ext 270 Send Email


Name Title Phone Email
Barry Howson Academic Dean-College 519-651-2869 ext 224 Send Email
Marianne Vanderboom Assistant to Academic Dean-College 519-651-2869 ext 222 Send Email

Student Services

Name Title Phone Email
Janet Light Student Services – Administrative Assistant 519-651-2869 ext 250 Send Email
Nancy Wahl General Counsellor /Student Achievement Counsellor 519-651-2869 ext 252 Send Email
Chris and Allie Douglas Residence Support Staff


Name Title Phone Email
Jenny Griffin Librarian 519-651-2869 ext 216 Send Email
Circulation Desk 519-651-2869 ext 215